In our club meetings where Volkswagen enthusiasts get together, it is very common to encounter people with extreme personalities. Some are life-of-the-party while others are just quietly sitting down on the side. From time to time, I also get to meet people who are difficult to please and those who are likely to be involved in arguments, causing them to have difficulties in developing friendship and in fitting in among club members.

Among the people who are hard to deal with are people who have a relationship anxiety problem. According to the Anxiety Disorder Association of America (ADAA), people with anxiety issues often have problems with their personal relationships. As their anxiety problem is treated, their relationship problems with others can also improve.

Based on a survey by ADAAA on more than 1,000 respondents with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), romantic relationships are impacted by their anxiety problems on a greater scale. Outside of that, relationships with children, co-workers and friends are also impacted. The same study also shows that as soon as the respondents undergo treatment, their relationship with others also greatly improved. It is important to know the early signs of anxiety so that the person concerned may receive proper treatment.

  • Constant Worrying

A person who constantly has extreme worries may already be suffering from anxiety. This type of worrying is more often unsubstantiated or unreasonable. When worrying comes in a relationship, it could develop into suspicion or jealousy. A person with anxiety can easily become suspicious even if his or her partner is faithful. This in turn can lead to unnecessary questioning and arguments which can be unhealthy in a relationship.

  • Avoidance

Most patients with anxiety try to avoid places or situations that cause these anxiety attacks. It can mean avoiding family, friends, partners, social events or confrontations. This could create a strain in the relationship especially if the people you are trying to avoid don’t have an idea to your anxiety. It would be good to tell them about your problem so that they will understand your actions. And they may also be able to help your treat your anxiety.

  • Financial problems

People with anxiety problems are more likely to have financial problems than their colleagues. They tend to become less productive at work and don’t have healthy relationships with their co-workers. Because of that, they lose their job security, leading them to financial problems.

Additionally, most married couples fight over money problems. In fact, it is one of the major causes of separation or divorce. For people with anxiety, this situation can be unavoidable. But even if finances are not an issue, a person with anxiety still worries about financial problems, causing relationship problems especially in marriage.

  • Lack of communication with others.

Communication is a very important aspect in any type of relationship. Some people with anxiety problems fail in this area because they try to avoid honest and open communication. They have certain fears about communicating with other people. According to the ADAA study mentioned, the respondents showed an improvement in their relationship with others as soon as they were able to communicate and explain their illness to people who matter to them.

If you are suffering from anxiety, it can greatly impact your life if you leave it untreated. It is important that you recognize your anxiety problem and be willing to undergo treatment such as taking supplements for anxiety and undergoing a cognitive behavioral therapy and taking medications.