Have you heard about the 16 personality types as defined by Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment? Just recently, I have been hearing about it in the social media. What catches my attention is the INFJ and INFP personalities as I have a number of friends who fall in these categories. I find it useful to know more about these personality types and their differences so I can have an idea what to expect in INFJ relationships and INFP relationships to other people.

Both INFJ and INFP are introvert and rely on their intuition and feeling. However, INFJ relies on judgment while INFP relies on perception and this causes some differences in their personality description. It would be interesting to know what aspects are INFJ and INFP similar and different.

INFJs are generally caring, serious minded and put much importance to values. They are good listeners and supportive in their general relationship with other people. One of the best things about them is that they have the strong will to do the right thing. They also tend to work patiently to maintain harmony in their relationships. An INFP on the other hand, also puts importance to values and harmony. They always make sure that their actions and beliefs are in sync. That is why it is hard to force them to do something which they don’t believe in. In their general, they are caring, sensitive and empathetic person and are excellent in fulfilling a supporting role.

Here are some comparisons between INFJ and INFP:

Socially – Both INFJ and INFP shun the limelight and don’t like to be the center of attention. However, they would want to know what is going on behind the scene and keep themselves well-informed.

Dealing with emotions – As inherent givers, INFJs are susceptible to emotional overload if they are not able to deal with their emotions properly. As for INFPs, they may be emotional people, but they are usually happy in dealing with the emotions of others.

Openness – INFJs are generally outspoken but they are only emotionally open to a chosen few. They even have the tendency to shut themselves, even among their close friends. INFP on the other hand have an image of being difficult to understand as they tend to hide their feelings.

Values – INFJ puts much emphasis on values while INFP on the synchronization of their actions and beliefs.

Dealing with Conflict – Because of their deep and private personality, INFJs tend to keep their counsel, yet you may be surprised that they can be forthright in defending their values or people who needed their support. On the other hand, INFP’s constant desire for balance and harmony lets them see the goodness in people. They focus more on positive interaction rather than negative interaction.

Anybody can get along with INFJs and INFPs as long as you understand their different personalities when it comes to relationships, conflicts and inherent characteristics. Both personalities have certain similarities and differences which we need to understand especially if we are surrounded by these types of people.