Aside from being a Volkswagen enthusiast, I also love cats as pets. I have a number of cats in my home. I like cats better than dogs because they are independent, smart, intelligent and has character. I have three of them. First one is Loki, he is an American short hair or ASH. He’s a tri color of grey, cream and black. I got his name after the villain half brother of Thor because I used to real comic books when I was young. I still have some of the books because I treasure them because it was from my favourite grandma. Second is a Himalayan Persian cat named Loops as he was named by my nephew whose favourite cereal is Fruit Loops. A friend of mine gave him to me as a birthday gift two years ago. He is very calm and affectionate. And lastly, my recent addition is Sally. She is also an American shorthair as I’m planning to breed her and Loki. She has a sterling silver coat with black markings. She really look elegant and sophisticated as she wanders off and leaping around my home. I wonder what Sally and Loki’s offspring will look like because I’m really excited.

I’m really fond of them as I even often share a ride with them in my Volkswagen. It’s nice that they’re not like dogs that put their head outside the windows and hang their tongues the whole ride. Loki and Loops just sat on the car seat and then Sally just slumped on the dashboard. She looks like a stuffed toy.

It’s nice that a veterinarian lives next door my home so it’s easy to have my cats get checked up. I don’t even have to go into his clinic as he told me. I was just in my backyard playing and feeding my cats as he approached me. He was lean and tall. He also has a long beard to go with his mustache. He told me that he is a veterinarian and I can always come to his home if something came up about my pets. He is Dr. Wilson and he also loves cats. He is very generous as he often offers my pets free check ups from time to time and I return the favour by referring him to my cat loving friends. My friends also love stopping by his clinic because he really knows that he was doing. I brought my new cat Sally to his home to see if she’s healthy. He told me that she’s perfectly fine but as always, we needed to take precautions about roundworms in cats as they are most common lately. He also reminded me about the symptoms in pancreatitis in cats, like the article here, as my other cats might develop them in time. I also asked him on how to breed American Shorthairs as I am planning to breed Loki and Sally. He told me that he would gladly help me through it, step by step.