Lessons from an Old Timer

It was really a sigh of relief when my sprained foot and tingling feet wore off after a few months of resting. Now, I can fully concentrate on practicing for my races. This is my first time to enter a race and it’s fast coming up this September and I really need to focus. I’ve been down on the tracks almost every day since the symptoms came off and I feel good. I can shift gears without feeling tingling and pain.

Entering a race was also my father’s dream. He told me that he is so excited for me and told me to always practice and to never worry about my competition and just focus on myself. He explained that in every competition, you must focus and believe on yourself first and then the winning the competition will come right to you. My father is really great with giving pep talks and advices on about all sorts of things.

I remember when I was young and struggling with my grades. He didn’t become mad at me and made me study right away. He first tried to understand on why I am failing school. He wanted to know the root cause of it so he can suggest a solution to it. I told him that I was failing because I felt that school has nothing to do with getting successful. Because I’ve heard on the interview and write ups of many big Forbes businessmen that they became successful and they’ve never finished school. I thought to myself then that why should I study if I can become successful. My dad smiled and told me that maybe, school had nothing to do with them because they have the means and the talent or maybe the resources, not that he was telling me that I don’t have the capabilities of being successful, but it’s much better that I have the proper education, the knowledge to bolster my desire to be successful.

It is best to know what you are doing now and the things that you’re going to do in the future backed up with proper motivation and the proper education and it always come hand in hand. A person cannot be successful without the two. He made me think of a person with potential and lots of education without the willingness to do hard work comparing it with a person who works very hard but doesn’t have any proper education and knowledge to deal with his dilemmas and lastly, a person with so much potential and knowledge coupled with a good work ethic and hard work. And then he asked me of all the three people mentioned, on what type of person I want myself to be associated with. I smiled and told him the latter. He also added that it will help me a lot since I am a very driven young man. I was so enlightened on the things that he said. He inspired me to do a lot better not only in school but I also applied his teachings in my everyday life until now. Thank you dad!

Accidents Happen

I have been racing with my trusty old, souped up 1980 Volkswagen Caravelle every weekend with my buddies on the tracks. Lately, I’ve been hooked on racing in wet and muddy conditions because I love the challenge of taking control of my car even though it is slippery.  Last week when I was at the track, I had a freak accident when I was turning on the sharp curve, I suddenly lost control on the wheel and my brakes suddenly won’t function. I’m fortunate that there were many rubber tires there when I landed. My buddies were so worried that they ran across the track to see me if I was okay. I heard firetruck sirens closing in on me as they were expecting a fire due to a gas leak but luckily there was none. I couldn’t move at first because I was shaken up with the crash, but I can talk as I kept telling them that I’m okay. They rushed me to the hospital to have me looked up. I specifically instructed my buddies to tell my mom first and she’ll know how to handle my dad because he has hypertension and I don’t want anything to happen to him especially with his age. I also asked them to tell my mom on what hospital that they’re bringing me to and that I’m okay.

We arrived at the hospital in just minutes. The doctor checked my eyes for trauma and tapped my bones and muscles for soreness. I got a number of scratches and bruises, but there were no superficial bleeding. They have yet to check I have an internal bleeding. I also had pain between shoulder blades that the doctor told me to have it x-rayed to see if there are bone fractures because it was too tender and has some swelling. I also didn’t have a full range of motion on my shoulders so he was thinking that I have a fracture. After an hour, I got the results and he told me that I have shoulder subluxation. It is a condition wherein there is a partial dislocation of the shoulder due to a heavy blow on the shoulder, for instance, my car crash accident. The doctor asked me 1-10, 10 highest, on how much is the pain. I told him 6-7 so he just gave me a pill for pain relief. He told me that if it was 10, I’d be given a shot, but he feels that there was no need to do that.

I was advised to rest my shoulders for a couple of weeks with a sling. I was also instructed to ice the sore area within 24 hours of injury to reduce the swelling and to counter the pain. The doctor told me that I was so fortunate that I’m okay because usually, people die in a car crash. He also told me that I’d need the services of a good physical therapist to rehabilitate my shoulder to achieve full range of motion gradually. Minutes later, I saw my parents rushing in my room thanking God that I’m alright. They were so relieved that I was okay. They made me promise that I’ll never race on wet tracks again, but I just kept silent for no arguments. I’m just happy that I’m alive.