tailors bunion

Bunions have been hounding my family for generations and I am very wary whether I’ll have it or not, so I decided to make drastic and preventative measures to avoid them if possible because I don’t want it to interfere with my life especially with me racing with my car. I have no clue on which of our long lists of family members really started the trend of bunions and tailors bunion, but I know that almost all of my grandfather’s siblings, my mother’s side, had them and on the other hand, I know that my great grandfather, my father’s side, had them. Last week, I observed that my mom has it too, and I thought to myself that there is really a big chance that I’ll get it so I freaked out and search on the web to see more information about it like what causes bunions and how to prevent it.

I read that bunions are bony protrusions on feet that occur when there are misalignments of the bones of the feet. They mostly have inflammations on their surface as they are prominent thus always having contact with shoe wear. Over time, as bunions become worse, other toes also become affected as they are subjected to develop hammertoes, calluses and corns. Besides heredity, there are more common causes of having the condition which includes ill fitting shoes, arthritis, age, over pronation, past injuries and nerve conditions affecting the foot.

Treatments are two things, surgical and non surgical procedures. Surgical are more effective, but very costly compared with just buying foot splints and toe paddings. They basically open the skin above the problem area and they shave off the excess bone to properly align the bones of the foot. The full recovery period lasts up to 5-6 weeks depending on the condition and how the body recuperates. During recovery stage, the patient is needed to always elevate his legs for better blood circulation to heal the wounds faster. If there is pain, one can take occasional pain relief pills. Don’t be wary if you feel that the toe doesn’t have a full range of motion as it is really going to be stiff because of the operation. One just needs to stretch it every day to recover its flexibility.

For prevention, one should always be careful about buying shoe wear. It is imperative to always fit your shoes properly and try to walk on it for minutes before buying. It is not a good practice to buy shoe wear without fitting even if you already know the shoe size because shoe brands have different designers and styles. Bear in mind that low heeled shoes with plenty of space for the toes are the best shoes to have to prevent the condition.

I’ve already got rid of all my ill fitting shoes as I want to avoid bunions. I asked my mom about hers and told me that it often hurts when she walks for a long period of time. I told her about my concerns and suggested she see a foot doctor or a podiatrist to get proper treatment.