Vanessa and I had been exclusively dating for over 6 months now and it’s been a great experience. She’s really different with the past girls that I’ve dated because she’s mature and very understanding and that’s what I love about her. Next week is going to be our 7th month and I wanted to give her something that she’ll love. There are only two things that I can think of that she loves, Volkswagens and pets. Well, I don’t have the money to buy her a car so I think I’ll just stick with pets. She already has a dog so I can’t give her a cat so I thought, I’ll just give her something in a cage or aquarium like a hamster or some kind of fish. I decided to take a day to the pet shops around town to find her something good. I told her I was out doing errands for my mom so she won’t suspect a thing about my surprise.

First stop was a shop that specialized on fish tanks but I didn’t find a thing which she’ll find cute so off I go to a shop next door. It was a better experience as I saw different bunny breeds like lionhead bunnies, mini rex and the English lop. I really find the lionhead interesting as it has manes. I thought that Vanessa would really like that. I asked the salesman about the bunny to have more idea on what I’ll get her because I want it to be special.

lionhead bunniesThe salesman was kind enough to tell me bunch of things about it. He told me that those kind of bunnies have two types, the single maned and the double maned. Their name was coined because they have manes reminiscent of the king of the jungle, the lion. He shared that they originally came from Belgium and I was surprised that it wasn’t pure because it was a cross between a miniature Swiss Fox and a Netherland dwarf. They are typically docile, sweet, active and playful although it still depends on how the owner plans to nurture it. He also pitched that bunnies aren’t hard to care for as they just need the basics like water, food and a little bit of exercise. He reminded me to avoid overfeeding as it can cause weight problems for the rabbit. They also need grooming from time to time to avoid tangling of their manes. Bunnies also don’t need as much bathing as they clean up after themselves like cats do.

I finally have decided to get him a bunny of such breed. I got her a dark blue bunny which consequently also has dark blue eyes which matches Vanessa’s. I know she’s going to like my present. I also got her a cage, a water feeding bottle and lots of food. Now, it’s her turn on how she’ll care for it. My phone is now ringing and it’s Vanessa. I answered it and told me that she’s with my mom and mom told her that I wasn’t doing any errands for her. Now, I’m busted.