I am really sick with television and movie contents these days. Writers just recycle their ideas and add some couple of new ideas to create a new movie or show. Sadly, this has been ongoing for years now. They all need a wakeup call. I don’t know why they can’t create a new show from scratch. They always market these things through commercials saying it’s way better than the old one but to tell you the truth, we don’t need something, we need something new for a change. A typical storyline has a girl and boy breaks up and then the girl meets a new boy. The new boy shows up like a knight in shining armor and takes her mind off her past controlling boyfriend and teaches her how to get over someone by always being there. And what’s more frustrating is people still watches these so called films because they don’t care of the storyline, they care for the popular artists cast.

Anyway, I haven’t watched my TV for 5 months now. I even cancelled my subscription to the cable company since I don’t watch lately. It’s just a waste of time and money. I just spend my downtime at home reading books and tending to my cats whenever I don’t do races and car shows. I’ve been addicted lately with non-fiction books of James Patterson. He has this favorite character to write, his name is Alex Cross. He has many books written as him as the protagonist. I love how Mr. Patterson writes, how he manages to make the readers imagine what he wrote. He always writes in the sense of urgency, that someone’s always following the character. I love that his books are fast-paced, that in every chapter something happens for a reason that connects to the whole story. On the contrary, a number of Mr. Patterson’s books became movies such as First to Die, Kiss the Girls, Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas to name a few. I watched them a few years back but I didn’t get it. I mean, it was a good movie because it was a storyline of my favorite author but something was missing, the essence was missing. It was like with JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books vs. the movies. Imagine a 5 inch book wide that’s just going to into a two to three hours maximum of a movie. I know and they know that they can’t fit all what the writer wrote inside a whole movie thus they just choose the best scenes where moviegoers would like to watch, the one with the fancy graphics and all. Well, that also happened with Mr. Patterson’s books which is really sad. After watching his book turned into movies, I felt very sad and violated for the author since his name was also at stake here as they publicized it as his book. I wonder what will the people who haven’t read his book yet and saw the movie. Oh well, I have a good idea though for Mr. Patterson. I’m thinking of why not making his book a series where every episode unfolds a mystery and crime. I know people will like it since his books are full of action, suspense and drama.