Volkswagen and Women

I’ve stumbled upon an article about dogs on the web. It says can dogs eat bananas and can they always eat hypoallergenic dog food. It got me thinking if my cats can eat them as well. I got a ripe banana from my fridge and called my three cats, Loki, Sally and Loops. I let them smell the piece of banana as Loki immediately left while Sally looked on and Loops decided to lick it but she didn’t like it. It’s just a funny and weird experiment to start my day.

Today is going to be fun because my parents are coming over with their beetles. We decided to stroll over to the countryside with our Volkswagens. We used to do this when I was younger with my brother Dave but he can’t come today because he is busy with work. After riding for an hour or so, my mom usually pick a good spot to have a picnic as she always bring her picnic basket with lots of goodies for us to munch on. I also invited a neighbor of mine, Vanessa who owns a classic 1971 VW Van. Her van is so sleek and smooth, it’s dual colored as the top is black and bottom is silver with the shiny emblem on front. She told me that her grandfather passed away and gave that to her the will. That’s really nice as that van is collection worthy. I can’t wait to driver her van as I won’t bring my car today because it has problems on its wheel alignment which is really unfortunate because I want to drive it with my parents.

I asked my parents and Vanessa to check all their essentials before we get going. I also checked the tires and oil fluids to prevent unnecessary accidents. After a good hour of non-stop driving, we stopped on a gasoline station to fill up the cars. I went to the comfort room with my dad. He told me that Vanessa is really pretty and asked me if we were dating. I laughed and answered that I don’t know. It’s just we hang out a lot lately and she’s really a dear friend of mine. My dad snapped back at me telling me for now as we both heckled.

My dad really is terrible with dating and anything about women. My mom told me that my dad maybe smart and intelligent about life but he has a waterloo. He can’t close down deals when it comes to women. When we were eating, mom told us that he used to be so shy to ask her out so what happened was he asked his friend to ask mom for a date. It really confused her as she didn’t have an idea on who’s asking who. She went beside my dad and asked him is she going to date him or his friend. That was their ice breaker. They both laughed and he said sorry to my mom, that it was him and not his friend. Up until to this day, my dad’s really shy with women and my mom and I don’t know why.