I’ve already moved out of my parent’s home for over a year now and I sensed that they were quite lonely as they are often alone because my mom always calls me during the day on my working hours. I don’t want to come back there as I am enjoying being independent as I also need to do this to grow as an individual.   I needed to make a plan on how to appease their feelings once in a while as I love them dearly.

I finally thought of everything and now I need to do everything that I planned. I called my dad and told him that this week, I will take him out fishing like we used to when I was younger. He would take me to river streams in our hometown very early in the morning to get us some fishes like trout, catfish, and bass. That was the fun times that I had with him when I was younger besides him teaching me how to drive. My dad is excited since it’s been a while we got to fish. He told me to get us some catfish bait and sinkers and he will be in charge of the rods and other gears.

As usual, my dad wanted to have an early start so he made me pick him up at around 4 in the morning. We arrived at the river and we were the only ones for now. It is so refreshing here, the wind blowing against my face, the smell of the air is very familiar, reminiscent of my younger days when Dad and I used to go fishing. We rented a boat and I started to tread the water and find a good spot to fish. I noticed that my dad was trying to hide his tears and it made me teary eyed too. I told him that this wasn’t the last time that we will bond with fishing and he agreed. He told me many stories about his younger days when we used to fish with his buddies out in the ocean. He told me that they even tried baiting sharks just for fun,but they weren’t so successful because they need a bigger boat. I opened us bottles of beer to drink while waiting for fishes to take our bait. We did this for almost a day and had a good catch. We really had fun today

As for my mom, I bought her a big fish tank for the school of pictus catfish that I got her. I know that she wasn’t used to not taking care of something so I got her fishes to divert her attention. She was surprised that I had her something this big. I told her that it will keep her busy as they are always a joy to watch because they are very active and playful fishes that has character.

I told them that we should have weekly late night dinners as we all aren’t getting younger which they both agreed. We need more good memories like this because life is short and it should not be taken for granted so it should be well spent with good company.