A buddy of mine who was supposed to re-upholster the seats on my beetle had to beg off of our appointment today, at the last minute, because of baby trouble. He said that he was supposed to meet me at the local garage to discuss things, but had to cancel the entire thing because his wife also had a more important previous appointment, doctor’s appointment, to go to, and that there was no one else to take care of their baby.

doctorsHis wife had to go to the doctor weekly due to the trouble she got when she just recently gave birth a month ago, and it was her last appointment with the doctor for some tests, before being given a clean bill of health. I guess it was really a valid enough reason not to go and meet me, and I understand.

Add to that, he says that their baby is suffering from newborn diarrhea due to her feeding too much lately. According to their doctor, it is one of the side effects of babies growing too much at such a short span of time, an active phase which the doctors called as newborn growth spurts. So I really guess I will have to wait as these things need much more attention than me.

Well anyways, it is not that bad with me and my car seats anyway. I just use my Volkswagen on the weekends as it is, and a couple more days waiting for the car seats to get changed would not hurt any. Although I was really planning to get my beetle up and about for daily use, I still have my trusty regular car with me to tide myself over until then.

Why am I changing the seats on my beetle? Well I can’t explain it to you without you experiencing it firsthand. Those seats are the original ones which came with the car and they are very firm, if not very hard. Once you take a seat in them, at first it is just okay and you would say that its fine, but once a little time pass then you will feel its hardness on your behind. I even experienced a backache while sitting on it for just one hour, so you can imagine how hard it really is.

I am planning on changing them to something much more comfortable and chic. Probably those bucket seats that they use on racing vehicles or something close to it. They are quite a bit pricey for my taste, but they do last long and are very durable, maybe they can pay for themselves in the long run I suppose.

Well I’m afraid I have to wait a little longer for that. There are other people who can do it I know, but I really like to work with my friend as we have been through a lot of things working on my car. He is officially my designated all around guy for my beetle and I would not let any hands touch my baby besides him.