Lessons from an Old Timer

It was really a sigh of relief when my sprained foot and tingling feet wore off after a few months of resting. Now, I can fully concentrate on practicing for my races. This is my first time to enter a race and it’s fast coming up this September and I really need to focus. I’ve been down on the tracks almost every day since the symptoms came off and I feel good. I can shift gears without feeling tingling and pain.

Entering a race was also my father’s dream. He told me that he is so excited for me and told me to always practice and to never worry about my competition and just focus on myself. He explained that in every competition, you must focus and believe on yourself first and then the winning the competition will come right to you. My father is really great with giving pep talks and advices on about all sorts of things.

I remember when I was young and struggling with my grades. He didn’t become mad at me and made me study right away. He first tried to understand on why I am failing school. He wanted to know the root cause of it so he can suggest a solution to it. I told him that I was failing because I felt that school has nothing to do with getting successful. Because I’ve heard on the interview and write ups of many big Forbes businessmen that they became successful and they’ve never finished school. I thought to myself then that why should I study if I can become successful. My dad smiled and told me that maybe, school had nothing to do with them because they have the means and the talent or maybe the resources, not that he was telling me that I don’t have the capabilities of being successful, but it’s much better that I have the proper education, the knowledge to bolster my desire to be successful.

It is best to know what you are doing now and the things that you’re going to do in the future backed up with proper motivation and the proper education and it always come hand in hand. A person cannot be successful without the two. He made me think of a person with potential and lots of education without the willingness to do hard work comparing it with a person who works very hard but doesn’t have any proper education and knowledge to deal with his dilemmas and lastly, a person with so much potential and knowledge coupled with a good work ethic and hard work. And then he asked me of all the three people mentioned, on what type of person I want myself to be associated with. I smiled and told him the latter. He also added that it will help me a lot since I am a very driven young man. I was so enlightened on the things that he said. He inspired me to do a lot better not only in school but I also applied his teachings in my everyday life until now. Thank you dad!

My Other Hobby

Aside from being a Volkswagen enthusiast, I also love cats as pets. I have a number of cats in my home. I like cats better than dogs because they are independent, smart, intelligent and has character. I have three of them. First one is Loki, he is an American short hair or ASH. He’s a tri color of grey, cream and black. I got his name after the villain half brother of Thor because I used to real comic books when I was young. I still have some of the books because I treasure them because it was from my favourite grandma. Second is a Himalayan Persian cat named Loops as he was named by my nephew whose favourite cereal is Fruit Loops. A friend of mine gave him to me as a birthday gift two years ago. He is very calm and affectionate. And lastly, my recent addition is Sally. She is also an American shorthair as I’m planning to breed her and Loki. She has a sterling silver coat with black markings. She really look elegant and sophisticated as she wanders off and leaping around my home. I wonder what Sally and Loki’s offspring will look like because I’m really excited.

I’m really fond of them as I even often share a ride with them in my Volkswagen. It’s nice that they’re not like dogs that put their head outside the windows and hang their tongues the whole ride. Loki and Loops just sat on the car seat and then Sally just slumped on the dashboard. She looks like a stuffed toy.

It’s nice that a veterinarian lives next door my home so it’s easy to have my cats get checked up. I don’t even have to go into his clinic as he told me. I was just in my backyard playing and feeding my cats as he approached me. He was lean and tall. He also has a long beard to go with his mustache. He told me that he is a veterinarian and I can always come to his home if something came up about my pets. He is Dr. Wilson and he also loves cats. He is very generous as he often offers my pets free check ups from time to time and I return the favour by referring him to my cat loving friends. My friends also love stopping by his clinic because he really knows that he was doing. I brought my new cat Sally to his home to see if she’s healthy. He told me that she’s perfectly fine but as always, we needed to take precautions about roundworms in cats as they are most common lately. He also reminded me about the symptoms in pancreatitis in cats, like the article here, as my other cats might develop them in time. I also asked him on how to breed American Shorthairs as I am planning to breed Loki and Sally. He told me that he would gladly help me through it, step by step.

The Beetle

If there is one word that I can use to faithfully describe what Volkswagen beetle cars really are, then it would definitely be durable. In fact I can still name a couple more adjectives like hard, and elegant, and probably many more, if I just put my mind into it. That is how I love my Volkswagen.

Do you want to know about what happened to my first ever car, which was of course, a Volkswagen? Well apparently it is still with me today and is none the worse for wear. I use it every chance I get, especially on weekends when I get to go out with friends.

It is really very cool having one in this day and age, as it sure attracts much attention, especially on all the younger generations who are not very much familiar with it. I do take care of the car and maintain it religiously, so maybe they think it’s a new design or something. Never do they know that this car is way much older than they are.

This car is very durable and very hard. Now why do I say that? Well if you really know your cars then you will know what I am saying. It was not called a marvel of German engineering for nothing. It was touted as a people’s car when it was first made and boy did it lived up and even surpassed all the expectations on it.

Its frame is made up of metals that are so thick that its thickness is probably three or four times the thickness of the metals in the bodies and frames of cars today. If you punch it directly, you probably will not even dent the damn thing, and it will probably damage your hands much more extensively than you to it. That’s a lesson I learned the hard way back when I was young and I have had the sprained fingers to show for it.

You really would not want to be in a car accident with it, even a minor one. Your car will be crushed if you happen to be in the receiving end of a collision with one of these cars, and you can trust me on that. Your car will be mangled if that ever happened and the Volkswagen would just have several scrapes on its body paint, just like what you experience when you have peeling fingernails, like what is describe at http://www.healmyfinger.com.

It could also serve as a great topic of conversation with other people that are not really familiar with it. Just open your front hood and see the people’s bewilderment of what ever happened to your engine, which they obviously expect to be there in the front of the car.

Well that’s my buggy and I love it. I was thinking of making it my everyday car but I have to fix its interiors first, as it has no air conditioning to speak of and the seats are as hard as the exterior of the car. I imagine using it regularly till I am old, or at least until I have my own family, that is.